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Thirty years ago HIV/AIDS still held thrall of the world.1 I wrote the following as I switched careers from law to medicine:

It was the call I received regarding the HIV positive man whose will I had executed one week earlier which made me reflect on the difference between the power of words and the fight for life.  The news of his death recalled the irritation I had felt at trying to get him to meet with me to devise ways to settle an estate of which the greatest asset was the eleven-year-old son he would leave behind alone.  The moment that I heard of his death, all of the work, all of the time, all of the trouble was absolutely meaningless...trite.

It was a time when doctors were afraid of their calling. Patients - people - were stigmatized. At the age of twenty-four I looked on while thinking “this is what you signed up for.” The police don’t get to say “there are bullets flying to the west so I’ll go east” and the firefighter doesn’t get to say “that building is burning, I’d better stay out here.”

It is almost thirty years later and I have kids that I want to be around to raise. I have residents who are similarly my progeny that I need to lead through this contagion, safe and strong and ingrained with the knowledge of what it is to be an anesthesiologist.  I now understand inherently, that the police officer is also afraid but she walks on towards danger.  The fireman moves forward hoping that the training, the back-up, the caution is enough.

Innovation, creativity and dedication reign in the tales being told today.2, 3, 4 Anesthesiology Chairs repurpose their departments to meet new health care demands as their faculty become internists and walk into rooms to examine COVID positive patients.5, 6 Residents at all levels work along-side faculty and CRNAs preforming highly stressful intubations in operating rooms that are now intensive care units.6 Medical students garbed in isolating personal protective equipment strive to attain the human touch and to bring back to patients their dignity.7,8 Nurses facilitate video conferencing for a family whose COVID negative mother/wife is now comfort care and otherwise passing on alone. As we turn a watchful eye to our colleagues in Ecuador, China, Martinique, Ghana, New York, Italy, New Zealand, we recognize that it is healthy to be afraid but we stand together economically and socially in growing camaraderie and international scientific fervor.8, 9, 10 At the end of the day, this is the way battle looks for us as health care workers.

The goodness of people at large is evident. Groups volunteer to make face masks for health care workers11, restaurants donate food to the homeless12, private checks are written to support numerous non-essential workers in their time of need.13, 14 We can be proud of humanity in this moment. My sentiments remain the same as they were thirty years ago, in a profession where a day is bad for all the right reasons:

If I won the lottery today, I would still want to be a doctor.


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