Peer Coaching

The SEA Faculty Development Committee is offering faculty members of SEA Meetings a personal “Peer Coach”.

Several members of SEA have received additional training in evaluation of teaching skills and are offering to serve as a Peer Coach. Having a peer coach will allow you to receive support and guidance with teaching activities such as a workshop. This assistance can be focused on the development of workshops or utilized to provide constructive feedback on your teaching skills during delivery of educational activities at SEA Meetings. Characteristic topics that would be discussed during the preparation stages of the workshop would include timing for the particular parts of the session and the use of interactive teaching techniques. Typical details that would be discussed during a review of the teaching of the workshop would include interactions with the audience and the overall flow of the workshop.

The goal for the SEA Peer Coaching Program is to promote faculty development in an informal and comfortable setting. Peer Coaching is more than just a formative evaluation. Peer Coaching is a confidential and constructive mentoring process; this information is not discussed nor shared with anyone.

If you request a Peer Coach, our goal would be to pair you with a Peer Coach prior your presentation. You will then be able to discuss specific areas you want the Peer Coach to advise and/or focus on for potential improvement. The Peer Coach will typically discuss any concerns you have before the workshop while also developing a clear understanding of your indications for the assessment. The Peer Coach will attend your workshop and conduct themselves as any other normal participant. Afterwards, you and the Peer Coach will meet to discuss the findings. Finally, you will be asked to complete a brief evaluation of the process.

We hope that you will consider utilizing the SEA Peer Coaching Program. If you have any questions about the Program or would like to request a Peer Coach, please contact David Young, MD at [email protected] at least two months prior to your presentation.

View the SEA Peer Coaching Worksheet as a Word document or PDF.


"During the SEA Spring meeting, I facilitated a workshop on Milestones Assessment, focusing on the Practice Based Learning and Improvement Milestones. This workshop was given 6 different times during that meeting. I asked for a Peer Coach to sit in on our first workshop. His frank and expert feedback pointed out issues that we hadn’t realized were confusing for the participants. Under his guidance, we were able to discuss ways of improving our facilitation skills and the structure of the workshop. I heartily recommend Peer Coaching to anyone presenting at our meetings. It is a valuable and useful aid to reflection and a great learning experience."

- Michael Sandison, MD (Albany, New York)

"I was introduced to the SEA Peer Coaching Program at my first SEA workshop. Everything was totally new to me then, as a newcomer to both SEA workshops and the education field at large. The Peer Coach provided me with the general guidelines for SEA workshop preparation. He attended my workshop and offered valuable feedback. Thanks to his input, we successfully secured another SEA workshop spot the following year. I would highly recommend this Peer Coaching Program for any young faculty members who aspire to be a better workshop leader."

- Tetsuro Sakai, MD, PhD (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania