Awards for Global Outreach

SEA-HVO Traveling Fellowship

Senior residents who have been approved after applying for a SEA-HVO Traveling Fellowship will spend four weeks teaching anesthesia in a low resource country. The SEA-HVO Fellowship is co-sponsored by the Society for Education in Anesthesia and Health Volunteers Overseas. Traveling Fellows may choose to rotate at any pre-approved HVO site if the dates they choose to teach are dates that are available at the site. Traveling Fellows must be HVO members and travel arrangements will be administered by HVO. This is considered a clinical rotation outside the primary program and pre-approval must be obtained from the ABA Credentials Committee. Because this is an outside rotation it should normally be completed prior to the last three months of residency. Two days on either end of the rotation may be taken as travel days; otherwise residents are expected to be teaching on site all days that have been agreed upon by their program and HVO site.

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Resident Humanitarian Service Award

The ASA Resident Humanitarian Service Award, sponsored by the ASA Resident Component and ASA Committee on Global Humanitarian Outreach (GHO), recognizes one resident or fellow who has done particularly useful work in the global health field that promotes several objectives, including attracting more residents to consider global health opportunities during residency and encouraging academic departments to permit residents in their programs to do such work.

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